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Here are the three ways to search for Bank Owned Opportunities:  Most of the Bank Properties will be found in the Naples MLS table, a few are in the Marco Island MLS links, and the 1st place to look is on the spreadsheet listed below (this is a list of bank owned properties that have not been released for sale yet). We give you the "heads up" on them as by the time they are actually listed, they are sold. Call Kent Hedrick - Broker @ 239-394-2500 and just ask for the best bank owned opportunities.

Bank Owned Properties located on: Marco Island (not many, so we included all price ranges)

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Property Type Naples MLS System Marco MLS System
Single Family Homes Sunshine MLS:  Marco Island Homes Marco MLS:  Marco Island Homes
Condominiums Sunshine MLS:  Marco Island Condos Marco MLS:  Condos
Vacant Lots Sunshine MLS:  Vacant Lots Marco MLS:  Vacant Lots


Naples:  Bank Owned Properties

Single Family Homes


Vacant Lots

Naples: Homes 50 - $200K

Naples: Condos   50 - $200K

Naples: Vacant Lots 10 - $200K

Naples: Homes 200 - $400K

Naples: Condos 200 - $400K

Naples: Vacant Lots 200- $400K

Naples: Homes 400 - $600K

Naples: Condos 400 - $600K

Naples: Vacant Lots 400- $600K

Naples: Homes 600- $1MM

Naples: Condos 600 - $1MM

Naples: Vacant Lots 600- $1MM

Naples: Homes > $1MM

Naples: Condos > $1MM

Naples: Vacant Lots > $1MM


Start Here: Minimal bank inventory expected in 2017. The table below has the most recent Bank Owned Properties. The table below is sorted by Property Type. Don't go it alone, you need an experienced Buyers Agent to help you with the process. I'll help you find the absolute best deals: or call Kent Hedrick - Broker 239-394-2500.

Property Type Street # or Apt # Property Description  Property Info Status Listing Details
  3 - 224 Shipps Landing  2 / 2 1,300 sq ft, great views of Caxambas Pass $420K - priced to sell   
  4 - 504 South Seas Towers 2/ 2 nice gulfviews Waiting for price   
  202 The Mirage   $689K - overpriced, minimal views  
Home - Direct access 911 Heron Built in 1971, small 3 bedroom 1,324 sq. ft, no pool, corner lot with long water views Waiting for price   
Home - indirect access          
Home - inland 488 Echo Circle   $328K - nothing special  
  118 Balmoral    $339K - nothing special   
  1202 Jamaica Rd   Waiting for price   

Marco Island MLS Search - Non Bank Owned

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